About me

My name is Sonia Stephens and I am an Assistant Professor of Technical Communication at the University of Central Florida. I am also a faculty member in UCF’s interdisciplinary Texts and Technology PhD program.

I teach and conduct research on science communication and information visualization for the digital humanities. I have two main research interests: 1)  making the results of scientific research responsive to and understandable by the public, and 2) exploring how we can use visual and digital tools to tell stories about data. My research and teaching are broadly interdisciplinary, collaborative, and often project-based.

Some of my research projects have included analyzing interactive map-based risk visualization tools, working with public stakeholders to understand their concerns about environmental risks, developing science communication visualizations, and investigating the rhetorical features of natural history apps and technical data visualizations.

I have a PhD in Texts and Technology from the University of Central Florida, and a MS in Botany and Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology and BS in Biology with a minor in Music from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

For those who are interested, my URL is based on Terpsinoe musica,  a diatom species whose pseudosepta look like little musical notes. Terpsinoe is also the name of my pet rabbit, featured in the Friday Bunnyblogging posts that are part of my former blog, now archived here.