Friday bunnyblogging

Twice a year, Noe goes through a big shedding cycle, in early spring and late summer. This is one thing that’s different for a rabbit than for a dog or cat: rabbits have fur, rather than hair- which is defined by whether they shed all the time or at seasonal times.

Scruffy bunny!

Scruffy bunny!

Because we’d never had a rabbit before, it definitely took some getting used to seeing one layer of her fur come completely out, new fur start to grow in, and then the second layer come out. The weird thing is that her fur comes out in patches: typically starting at the head and neck and then working its way back. When both layers are growing back in at the same time, she looks really odd- not actually bald, but more like she’s had a haircut.

Anyway, she’s partly through her shed now, and looks pretty ragged. Doesn’t influence her love of arugula, though!

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