Friday bunnyblogging

Last night, we had some “fun” with Noe.


Notice the stripes?

Apparently, she’d brushed up against one of the bike chains hard enough to get a bunch of grease and dirt on her fur. While it made a striking stripe pattern, we didn’t want her to lick it off. So we tried using a damp paper towel with some soap on it.

When that didn’t work, we tried to snip it out with scissors. When that didn’t work (rabbit fur being very fine and difficult to keep between the blades), we resorted to Yan’s beard trimmer. That at least worked enough to get the worst of the grease off.

We didn’t have to trim off too much fur, because at least the grease was in the top layer. But now she has this hacked-off looking spot of pale fur on her back where her brown overcoat was trimmed down. It’ll be interesting to explain this to the vet when she goes in for her yearly checkup on Monday…

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