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Friday bunnyblogging

While Noe is having a mellow Thanksgiving weekend, we’ve seen a few swamp rabbits while going for a walk.


Yummy clover underfoot and sheltering reeds just a hop away.

Okay, not such a great photo. But the rabbits were seemingly enjoying themselves munching on clover at Lakes Park in Fort Myers.


Anhinga sunning herself. Females have a tannish neck, males black.

There were a few birds around, but it was a bit windy and late in the day so not too much activity on that front.


This Tricolored Heron seemed put out at the attention.

Not too many flowers blooming, either. This is a Hoarypea, Tephrosia spp.


Might be Florida hoarypea, I’m not sure.

Continuing our trend of snake sightings, we saw a Black Racer sunning itself. Unlike the rattlers we saw last month, this one was pretty long- at least a meter.


You can’t see it in this photo, but the snake was pretty scarred on the side. Clearly it had a close escape from some sticky situation in the past.

Friday bunnyblogging

Noe is very tidy, and always cleans up after eating.


Done with juice? Must be clean-up time.

It’s very important to wash your face after breakfast.


Of course, this fastidiousness doesn’t extend past her own self. She has no problem with dripping water on the floor or scattering hay all over the place.

Nov13-4Apparently, it’s the humans’ job to take care of that sort of thing.

Friday bunnyblogging

Last night, we had some “fun” with Noe.


Notice the stripes?

Apparently, she’d brushed up against one of the bike chains hard enough to get a bunch of grease and dirt on her fur. While it made a striking stripe pattern, we didn’t want her to lick it off. So we tried using a damp paper towel with some soap on it.

When that didn’t work, we tried to snip it out with scissors. When that didn’t work (rabbit fur being very fine and difficult to keep between the blades), we resorted to Yan’s beard trimmer. That at least worked enough to get the worst of the grease off.

We didn’t have to trim off too much fur, because at least the grease was in the top layer. But now she has this hacked-off looking spot of pale fur on her back where her brown overcoat was trimmed down. It’ll be interesting to explain this to the vet when she goes in for her yearly checkup on Monday…

Friday bunnyblogging

I just ran across this cute story about an elderly Rex rabbit and a black vulture (don’t worry, it ends well).

Makes me wonder how Noe would react to another non-human animal in the house…though given how freaked out she was today by my backpack being placed in the wrong location, it would probably take her a while to get used to the idea of another animal who actually moves.

Friday bunnyblogging

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men rabbits?


I keep watch to the right…

The shadow bunny knows!


…and to the left as well.

Noe keeps watch in case a thief tries to swipe her yummy fresh hay from the closet.

(Photos: Y. Fernandez)

Friday bunnyblogging

Twice a year, Noe goes through a big shedding cycle, in early spring and late summer. This is one thing that’s different for a rabbit than for a dog or cat: rabbits have fur, rather than hair- which is defined by whether they shed all the time or at seasonal times.

Scruffy bunny!

Scruffy bunny!

Because we’d never had a rabbit before, it definitely took some getting used to seeing one layer of her fur come completely out, new fur start to grow in, and then the second layer come out. The weird thing is that her fur comes out in patches: typically starting at the head and neck and then working its way back. When both layers are growing back in at the same time, she looks really odd- not actually bald, but more like she’s had a haircut.

Anyway, she’s partly through her shed now, and looks pretty ragged. Doesn’t influence her love of arugula, though!

Friday bunnyblogging

More Noe and her blue ice!
Nap time is all very good and well, but eventually a rabbit gets thirsty.
Yes, she does get water in a more normal way, but this is apparently much more fun.
She can’t possibly get a lot at one time, but maybe it makes a nice refreshing break.
Of course, drinking is hard work. Luckily, she can lean on the blue ice to cool off.
…and then round two of napping can begin.

Friday bunnyblogging

Okay, so it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated. While I have some interesting travel posts to discuss, I’ll start with a bunnyblogging post.

…In which Noe does not appear. She’s shedding right now, and looks pretty mangy as a result (not literal mange, not to worry). But she’s not her usual sleek and sparkly self.

So today, I have some photos of a rodent, which is at least similar to a rabbit. This is a squirrel who’s been climbing precariously on the outside of our patio screens for the last few weeks. It’s precarious because we’re on the third floor. While I don’t really want the little beastie clambering all over and doing who knows what, I don’t have the heart to scare it and make it fall off. So I’ve been shooing it away quietly.

Squirrel comes to visit.

Squirrel comes to visit.

This incident was a bit of a first, because the squirrel was licking something off of the patio ledge. No idea what it was. Pretty gross.

Neither the squirrel or Noe (who was napping under the chair) were really too bothered by my presence.

Neither the squirrel or Noe (who was napping under the chair) were really too bothered by my presence.