Visiting Sequoia NP

We paid a visit to California this summer, including some (literal) highs and lows. For the highs, we traveled to Sequoia National Park; for the lows, we visited the Kern River valley (more on that anon).

The literal high point of our trip to Sequoia was hiking up Moro Rock, elevation 2050 meters.


The view on the way up.

Not being a fan of heights, the walk up the rock face was a bit disturbing in spots. There are a few narrow spots in the trail with a rock face looming overhead and a pretty short railing above a steep drop-off. The view from the top was breathtaking, though.

In the distance is the park backcountry and High Sierras.

In the distance is the park backcountry and High Sierras.

It was pretty cool to see other granite domes in the distance, like Moro Rock. There was also some snow to see, tucked into high valleys of the taller peaks. Really odd to see, given the mid-80’s temperatures we had in the park. But snow is always exciting to us Floridians!

High Sierras, with some snow.

High Sierras, with some snow (really, it’s back there…)

Of course, the highlight of this part of the trip was seeing the giant sequoias. And they were quite spectacular…

Sequoiadendron giganteum!

Sequoiadendron giganteum!

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